WordPress Development Best Practices: Insights from Top Agencies

There was a time when developers had no escape from hardcore coding. So, they deliberately had to do complex coding on many custom-based websites. However, it took them immense time and effort to debug and execute the code for compilation. Hence, it was a regular job of developers to look into every single line of code to fix the coding blunders and run the code over and over. Especially, when the content was put into the website. Therefore, it was extremely challenging for marketers to coordinate with developers to make additions or corrections in their content. 

Hence for this purpose, WordPress was launched. Therefore, the core objective of WordPress development agency is to ease the coding practices for developers. It breaks down the longer lines of code into shorter and smaller segments to make developers quickly scan and execute them. Hence, it avoids the hassles and difficulties in glancing over the complicated coding and simplifies it for developers. Therefore, the primary reason for WordPress development is to promote the use of content management system CMS. However, it sets marketers free from the dependency of developers to go over to them for every minute modification. So, they can themselves manage and edit their content easily without getting to know about coding and programming. 

Here are a few best practices for WordPress Development for freshie developers:

Learn the Basics of Programming

As a beginner, it is necessarily required for amateur developers to get to know the basics of coding. Therefore, when it comes to basics, they must learn to understand the simplicity and technicalities of Html, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. However, PHP is the backend coding environment for WordPress development. So, you must have a deep know-how of front-end and backend coding practices to get better involved with WordPress development. So, learning the PHP, makes you understand the data structure, algorithms, and core syntax. Moreover, it also allows you to learn the object-oriented programming OOP. Hence, it consists of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. Therefore, getting the stronger concepts of PHP makes you learn to work on WordPress development. Hence, it opens wider opportunities for you to explore more alternatives like WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS platforms.

Understand the Theme and Functionality

Developers can use the test theme of WordPress development to begin with. So, they can explore countless themes and choose the simplest one that can fulfill the objective of learning and practice for developers. Hence, the functionality of a theme can be less usable and practical. But it must be compatible with the design and layout to work on for the developer. Therefore, they can better use the template to learn the WordPress development. However, practicing on the template gives the idea of working on the WordPress development website and making efforts to improve the design with the duration of time. Hence, the free of cost template makes them understand the techniques of WordPress development with the do-it-yourself DIY approach.

Use the Boilerplate Code

The use of boilerplate code simplifies and organizes the entire structure of WordPress development coding for developers. So, it helps them use the standard coding practices to save their time and effort of rewriting the same lines of codes over and over. Hence, it lengthens the code and makes it messy and complex to understand for programmers. Therefore, it is really beneficial and helpful for a web design company to use the boilerplate structure to systemize all their files and directories in one single place. So, developers need to put this entire folder in every code to make it simple and efficient to run and execute. However, it helps remember all the files and does not allow them to miss any file to spoil or disturb the entire code.

Learn the WordPress Development API

In WordPress development, API stands for application program interface. So, developers need to use their API for different programs. Therefore, the utilization of the WordPress development API is very much essential for keeping the smooth flow and transfer of data from one place to another. Hence, it smoothens the process of creating data types and custom posts to submit and share with the audience. However, the best example of WordPress development API is Rest. So, the meaning of REST is representational state transfer that works along with SOAP simple object access protocol. Hence, it works to make an action in the WordPress platform. 

Optimize Your Code

The idea of WordPress development is code optimization for developers. However, it helps them improve the design and UX structure of website. So, they need to minimize the Html, CSS, and JavaScript files to speed up the website and enhances its functionality and performance. Therefore, the ideal use of WordPress development is to lift the heavy burden from the website and makes it feel lighter and faster to load. Hence, the collaboration with content delivery network organizes the structure of website with shrunken size of images and better usability for the target customers. 

Promote the Blogging Trend

The culture of blogging expands with the advent of WordPress Platform. So, the WordPress development introduced an original idea of personal and professional corporate blogging for organizations. Therefore, they can share their latest information updates to customers through their blog posts. Creating a blog post is pretty easy and simple in WordPress and it gives you a fun experience to have a joyous pleasure to see the comments on your posts.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are helpful and beneficial best practices for new developers to learn and implement for them. Hence, WordPress development makes a user-friendly environment for everyone who are not yet familiar with website development. So, they do not have to wait for learning and understanding the concept of development to operate the WordPress website. However, it is basically a content management system to manage and administer the content of your website. Therefore, the CMS based websites are now a preferable choice of every business to get rid of complex coding procedures. So, it provides an easy and friendly environment for people for utilize their content in the best possible way to attract the audience. However, it also supports SEO and promotes the traffic and conversion of your business.

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