Introduction to the Prefabrication method in Infra Industry: An Overview

As India is the world’s most populated country in the world. Therefore, there’s a boost in the requirement for various facilities in the country. So, with the increased demand, it is hard for companies to increase their production level suddenly.

With this said, many construction companies have now developed a technique that can solve the sudden increase in demand for infrastructure. Be it the shelter, hospitals, schools, colleges and many more.

As seen from its name, the prefabrication method involves assembling structure blocks at the manufacturing facility and then transporting them to the site with the strategy to connect each pre-constructed structure block to give it a face of a proper building.

So, let’s learn more about this topic in the blog below, with an introduction about the details of the method and its advantages to prefer them instead of traditional construction.

Origin of the Prefabrication Method

As understood from the basic concept of the method. It is a new type of construction that requires pre-construction of parts of the building and then transporting it to the actual site to just place them with another element to give it the shape of the building as preferred earlier.

For your information, prefabrication has been present in practice since ancient times. There are several living examples of it, like- the sweet rack in England is the oldest construction current to date. This was constructed with the use of prefabricated timber sections.

Coming back from the past, this process is now coming into practice again with the help of modern technology. Now engineers are pre-constructing smaller sections of the building at their construction facility. After which, these pieces come to the site for assembly to form a shape of a preferred structure.

Advantages of the Prefabrication method

The Prefabrication method brings many advantages, from cost-effectiveness to improved safety measures. This method has a serious level of benefits that one should pay attention to. So, let’s learn more about the advantages of the Prefabrication method.

Cost Efficiency

The greatest pro point of the prefabrication method is its cost efficiency. We are in an era where the whole country is struggling with a huge problem of an increase in the prices of all basic commodities.

Therefore, this process is the gateway to all of those issues. In addition, this method of prefabrication construction comes with the capability of promoting economic structure. Generally, the discounts from material suppliers, reduction in wastage and in-house recycling of the left materials bring cost efficiency to the project.

This way, either a construction company or an individual can save money in the construction process. Companies can also use the money to buy new construction equipment prices going high due to the inflation in the market.

Green Construction 

Compared to traditional construction, it may not be a less energy needy process, but it is a much greener method in several aspects. To begin with, prefabricated buildings have less requirement of energy implications for on-site due to the actual consumption of materials.

As they are manufactured in a controlled construction facility, the chances of wastage get low. As a result, they have fewer requirements for water because of the absence of on-site watering for the construction of the work. All of these points make this method a very convenient one.


It is also one of the biggest advantages of the prefabrication construction method. They have an easy feature of dismantling and relocating the structures to different locations. As a result, they come with fewer materials, time and money requirements.

Also, they come with another feature of blending easily in different spaces without creating any difference with the present model and design of the building.

They are constructed with numerous parts, which allows a higher amount of flexibility in building structures with a little improvement in the safety of the building.

Time Efficiency

The Prefabrication construction method is the best time-efficient method of construction. This method reduces time from all those steps like on-site planning, stocking materials, transporting equipment, etc.

With reduced site disruption and faster fabrication of multiple parts, prefabrication allows construction companies to increase their productivity by acquiring new projects and booking more profits for their business to grow.

Also, due to the less on-site process, there are fewer requirements for manpower and machinery, resulting in increased efficiency. Along with this, the role of experts gets also reduced.

Also, this method is constructed in a fixed period, so there’s less time for watering concrete materials, seasoning wood, painting and polishing. This minimises the time requirement of the process.


The prefabrication method is one of the safest methods to use while constructing any building. As this process reduces the chances of the danger of outside construction for the workers.

This ensures the health of every worker with construction going inside highly advanced measures facility with a controlled environment.


To conclude, the prefabrication method is the best and safest alternative method for construction. It is also hard to believe that this is not a modern method as it has a footprint in ancient times, but it is the future of the construction industry.
This cost-effective method allows the individual or a construction company to use their excess money to buy or invest in other places. If a farmer constructs his or her building with this method. Then, they can use their spare cash to purchase agriculture equipment price subjected to market standards.

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